Throw balls and break bricks in this addictive arcade game


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Peggle is an addictive arcade game where our goal is to break bricks throwing balls.

Throughout the game you'll find different designs made with the bricks. Your goal is to destroy all the bricks of the level. The more bricks yu break, the more points you get.

There are ten different characters and you can choose which one you'll use in each level. Each character has its own special throw.

Peggle toffers different game modes, including adventure mode with more than 50 levels, Challenge mode, where you'll have to complete diferent goals; and finally, a two-player mode where you can play versus your friend.

Peggle is easy to play and difficult to master, what makes you to do your best to get more points than the previous time you played it.

It's a sure bet for a funny afternoon.

Limited game modes in trial version.

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